Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shelley Davis Edwards

Pencil Artwork and Drawing Instruction

I absolutely love teaching people how to draw! I began by rounding up a few children from my neighborhood in 2000 for my "trial run" at developing my own Children's Drawing Classes. I was excited to give students the same great experience that my teachers had given me when I first learned to draw.

Things went well and word spread very quickly until I needed to offer multiple classes to accomodate the growing numbers of students who wanted to enroll. In addition, in 2009, I was asked to teach two Community Education Classes, one for adults and the other for children. I am not sure which age group I enjoy teaching the most. I just love it when "the light goes on" and the student realizes what he or she can create! It's fun to see the smiles on their faces and hear the excitement in their voices when they see their drawings begin to take on a three dimensional effect and start to come to life!

Currently, I teach classes for adults and children in my home. I recently chose to discontinue teaching my Community Education Class in order to spend more time with my family.

I am grateful for wonderful teachers along the way who have inspired me. Jolyn Jeppsen who was my first drawing teacher in 2003 and who assured me that I really could learn to draw. My dad, Clif Davis, whose presence and encouragement I felt very strongly particularly when I began drawing (even though he had passed away eight years previously). Bunny Wiseman, whose clever words motivated me. One phrase which really stuck with me is, "Drawing is nothing but a series of tiny corrections. Kathie Armstrong, who helped me to fine-tune my perception of detail. Susan Morris, who believed in me and convinced me that I could and really should teach drawing classes.

If you have registered for one of my drawing classes, please read the following information about supplies:

I will purchase the supplies for you. Please reimburse me on the first day of class $40. This way you will have all of the correct tools right from the beginning (including paper).

(Adult Class Only) Please bring an 8x10 picture of someone that you would like to practice on. A head and shoulders picture from a magazine would work well. Please also make a black and white copy of the same picture (at the same size, please).

Thank you for your interest in my classes. I am looking forward to this next session! I love teaching drawing and I hope you will love learning to draw!

Monday, September 28, 2009

After School Drawing Classes


Children's classes for ages 7 and up
Classes available for adults as well (Call for times and location)
Please call for class schedules
$10 per class
$40 materials fee (payable at first class)
Near Altaview Hospital
Call for more information
(801) 651-8974
Shelley Edwards, Instructor

Sunday, March 2, 2008

President Hinckley Prints - Available

Prints of the portrait of President Hinckley are still available in both b&w or sepia. For orders, I can be reached by phone (801) 651-8974.

- 5x7 print for $15

- 8x10 print for $20

(shipping and handling is included for all sales within the U.S.)